At Oelerich, we are here to answer all of your tax and accounting questions, no matter how big or small. Below are some quick answers and links to the most common questions and requests.

Online Videos


Tax Withholding Changes

Length: 3:08


Business Tax Reform

Length: 3:05


Protecting Your Identity

Length: 1:16


Individual Tax Reform

Length: 3:21


Identity Theft - Part One

Length: 4:19


Identity Theft - Part Two

Length: 3:00


Employees and Independent Contractors

Length: 3:30


Employee Expenses

Length: 3:06


Backup Withholding

Length: 2:38


Retrieve Copy of Your W2

Length: 1:52


Mobile App Download

Length: 0:24



Length: 0:27


Tools & Calculators

Length: 0:47


Track Your Refund

Length: 0:31


Change Username

Length: 0:52


Forgot Password

Length: 0:59


Upload Files

Length: 1:25


Retrieve Your Tax Return

Length: 1:58


Business Entity Selection

Length: 5:47


Keeping the IRS Away

Length: 3:44

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