Oelerich & Associates is a comprehensive public accounting firm, providing a full range of advisory, accounting, and tax services to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors.

We meet our clients where they are and help them overcome the complexities of starting and running a business. Our advisory services are designed to provide the knowledge needed by today’s entrepreneur to be successful. Our accounting and tax services are designed to pull compliance-related tasks away from business owners so they can focus on what’s important.

Small Business
Advisory Services


Whether you’re starting a new enterprise, growing a business, or thinking about transitioning your investment to the next generation, our team of experts can help you meet your goals and take that next step with confidence.


Small Business Finance and Tax Training

Learn the basics of running a business, from bookkeeping and record retention to understanding your financial statements and estimating your tax burden.


QuickBooks Training & Setup

Train to get the most out of this industry-leading software, and let us setup or cleanup your QuickBooks file so that you have a strong foundation to build on.


Business Entity Training & Setup

Review your situation with us, determine the right business structure for you, and let us make sure the paperwork is done correctly.


S-Corporation Training & Election

Learn the pros and cons of this popular business structure, avoid the common pitfalls, and let us file the election paperwork for you.


Payroll & Sales Tax Training & Setup

Understand the most common issues for new employers, and let us make sure the paperwork is done correctly.


Personal Finance & Tax Training

Learn the basics of personal financial management, from budgeting and recordkeeping to understanding how wealth is built and how to minimize your tax burden.


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