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00-Updates and Changes in Manual

01-Office Tool Kit

02-Choosing the Proper Entity

03-Forming a Corporation

04-C Corporation Advantages and Disadvantages

05-C Corporation Penalty Taxes

06-Related Parties-Controlled Groups

07-Related Parties-Compensation and Loans to Shareholders

08-Corporate Sales and Liquidations

09-An Introduction-S Corporations

10-S Corporation Eligibility & Available Elections

11-S Corporation Operations

12-S Corporation Basis & Distributions

13-S Corporation Taxes at the Entity-Level

14-Termination of S Corporation Status

15-Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)

16-Introduction to Partnerships

17-Formation of Partnerships

18-Allocating Income and Loss to Partners

19-Basis and At Risk Rules for Partnerships

20-Transactions with Partners

21-Partnership Termination on Sale Etc

22-Capitalization and Depreciation

23-Health Benefit Plans

24-Basis and At Risk Rules-A Comparison by Entity

25-Dotting I's & Crossing T's

26-Retirement Plans

27-IRS and Payroll Issues




01-Behavioral Aspects

02-Dealing with Notices


04-Tax ID Theft & Refund Fraud

05-Appeals Exam

06-Collection Appeals

07-Penalty Abatement

08-Enforcement Actions


10-Payment Options

11-Collection Information Statements





00-Cheat Sheets

01-AGI and Tax Planning

02-Filing Status

03-Dependents and Kiddie Tax


05-Personal Tax Credits

06-Wages and Other Income

07-Individual Mandate & Premium Tax Credit

08-Education Planning & Able Planning

09-Identity Theft and Refund Fraud

10-IRS Issues

11-Net Investment Income Tax (NIIT)

12-Capital Gains & Losses

13-Interest & Dividends & Other Investments

14-Pass-Through Entities

15-Passive & Rental Activities

16-Sale of a Principal Residence

17-Installment Sales

18-Debt Forgiveness and Foreclosures

19-Net Operating Loss (NOL) & Amended Returns




00-Ethics Presentation




01 - Emerging Trends

02 - Identity Theft

03 - IRS FTC Rules

04 - Practical Approaches to Security

05 - Cloud Computing

06 - Alt Op Systems

07 - Mobile Computing

08 - Windows 7 8 10

09 - Tweaking Windows 10

10 - Backups

11 - Working with Less Paper

12 - Apps of Note and Websites of Interest

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